Rose Petal Hijabs

"I wear this style of Hijab because I feel like a QUEEN whenever I put it on. The way it fits my head like a CROWN and the material drapes down my back makes me feel like royalty. I LOVE this style so much and I'm so glad that Aisha made this style FASHIONABLE. The triangle shape is perfect for my face shape, making my CHEEK BONES POP and my chin look more soft. It's also very EASY TO WEAR as it is ready-made so all you do it put it on. Also it's BABY PROOF as the hijab sticks very tight to my head preventing my little one from pulling it off at any moment. Ever since I discovered this Hijab I started wearing Hijab full-time again and its the only hijab I wear!!!"

-Asiya Ahmed

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  • Khadijah Khan

    "I love Rose Petal Hijabs. The style is so unqiue but looks SO BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had discovered this style sooner. It's the only Hijab I wear now!"

  • Sameera

    "These are my fav hijabs honestly :) I love Aisha and her youtube channel is so inspirational. Her Hijabs are the best i've ever brought. "

  • Hannah Tooley

    "I wore this hijab when I declared my shahada and i've never taken it off since. This is my favorite hijab style and perfect for my face shape."

  • Katie Clarke

    "I was nervous to start wearing Hijab as not all hijabs look good. It's important to find your style. Rosalie Hijabs has a style for everyone."

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