A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytan ar-rajim. Bismillahar-Rahmanar-Rahim.

The end goal. What we are all working towards. Jannah. Some of us are aiming for the highest level Jannah al Firdous and some of us are just trying to get in. I’ve been researching into Jannah according to multiple ayats and hadiths and this is what I found. The descriptions are mind blowing and will never be understood by our dunya brains but we can try to imagine. But really the basics are, you can have anything you want in Jannah, simple as. Ask for it and you will receive it even better than you imagined, alhamdulillah.

You will be purified once you enter Jannah. No sweat, no excretion, bad smells and no one has to take a bath. No working, you don’t have to pay for anything. Everyone will live forever and the words will be of peace. There is no illness, no gossiping, no jealously, no backbiting. That really sounds the most pleasing to me. Freeing ourselves from all this emotional torture we do to each other and our selves.

The soils and sands of Jannah are the sensations of musk and saffron. The cement is purified musk. The ceiling is the throne of the beneficent. Alhamdulillah imagine that. Being able to look up and see Allah SWT’s throne. Stones and pebbles are made from emeralds, jewels and rubies. There are pavilions made from a single hollowed out pearl, that extends 60 miles into the sky, subhanallah. There will be palaces. Personal palaces. Made from golden and silver bricks, kept together with musk. One room on a standard level of Jannah is 60 miles long and the rooms you have are uncountable.

You will have your own personal rivers of milk, water, wine and honey, that intertwine between the pavilions and your home. The wine doesn’t intoxicate you. It’s white and the end sip will be musk. The tree trunk are made from solid gold. Full of fruits far beyond the imagination. Each fruit with a different taste. Each bite a different taste. One grape would taste completely different to the next. But delicious none the less. If you want a fruit from the tree it will automatically lower for you. There will be servant boys who will bring you anything you could ever desire. You never get full or hungry in Jannah. One of the most interesting things I found out is that the clothes grow on trees, inside fruits. Different silks and different colours that we have never seen in the dunya. The women will wear 70 different types of jewellery, each with 70 different colours.

You will have purified spouses. For men and for women. The word zawj is used to mean counterpart not just for wife like some people think it is. So zawj can mean man or a woman. The plural pronoun ‘hum’ is a comprehensive inclusive pronoun that includes men and woman. So when Allah talks about purified spouses in the Quran he uses ‘they’ not ‘he’, and plural spouses also so it’s plural on both sides. So the Quran confirms that everyone will have one amazing spouse at least. The exact number of spouses for men and women is highly debated. Your spouse will be exactly to your liking. No past relationships, past scars that have contaminated the relationship. Your spouse will have unimaginable beauty. A women can get pregnant and give birth within in one hour, and return to being untouched. No labour pains alhamdulillah. Even one shed of hair from your wives hair, if shown on earth, would light up more than the sun. If she spat in the ocean it would turn sweet. Nothing in Jannah is more pleasing to the eye than your spouse, apart from one thing. Allah SWT.

Now my favourite part. Once in jannah a caller will call “oh inhabbitants of jannah, you lord wishes an audience with you. So rush to the meeting of your lord”. Everyone will get on mounts like the ferraris of jannah and go to meet Allah SWT. People will sit on stages of light, pearls, jewrelly gold and silver. Allah calls from above, spreading so much light it lights up the whole of Jannah. He asks the rightous what they want to celeberate on the day of excess. They ask to see his face. So Allah removes the veil. Alhamdulillah. The hadith ends there so theres no description of what he looks like obviously. But imagine that day.

Imagine the day you can meet your maker. Also all the Prophets and Sahabhi. Thinking about it gives me tingles down my spine. Alhamdulillah. What an amazing thought. Let’s make dua that we stay on the straight path and our friends and family can have the luxury of coming to Jannah too. Inshallah.

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