Ramadan as a Convert Muslim

Ramadan as a Convert Muslim

This is my third Ramadan. So, Ramadan for me now, is not any different to any other Muslim. Jumping around in excitement at iftar time, chugging down water just before the Fajr azan. Ramadan teaches self control, gratitude and brings a closeness to God. All important qualities for someone looking to live a fulfilling life.

My first Ramadan was quite difficult. I had not declared my shahada when Ramadan commenced in 2020. I also didn't really know any Muslims. I was already praying 5 times a day and reading Quran but Ramadan was the last step for me to see if I wanted to become Muslim. 

I was nervous to start as my mum already had lots of objections. She practically begged me not to do it. It was particularly hard for her because my granny (her mum) was also on her death bed at the time. She was dying because of kidney failure due to a lifestyle of lots of coffee and constant lack of water. When I then tell my mum that I'm not going to drink water for 14+ hours a day, she was distraught. But I was on a journey towards God and this was the last step for me to know weather Islam is the right religion. So I had to give it a go.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be able to complete Ramadan. I was very surprised when I did. I did lot’s of research before hand to make sure I wouldn't die (I had a lot of fear at the time). It was a particularly lonely Ramadan due to lockdown. All the mosques were closed, I didn't know any Muslims and my mum was in Cambridge the whole month looking after her mum. 

I remember one day, I really wanted to try breaking my fast with someone so I went out in the back garden and found some snails. I made a little lettuce themed iftar for them and sat with them in the garden as we ate together. I promise you guys this is a true story!

I remember the very special moment when a lovely girl from an online Islamic course that I was doing, showed up at my house with food. I’ll always remember that beautiful moment. She really gave me confident in Muslims. I can still picture her face as I opened the door to her and her massive box of pakoras. 

The month was not as difficult as expected. Once it becomes a habit, things are a whole lot easier. I made lots of first timer mistakes but InshAllah my first Ramadan will be accepted.

Two big events happened near the end of the month. One is my shahada which I declared by myself, in my living room, with a lot of tears! The second is that my grandma passed away right after that. Which set the world in a whole different perspective for me.

Ramadan teaches you a lot of life lessons and they get more profound the deeper you go into the Deen. Here is the big lesson I learnt from my first Ramadan:

Before I become Muslim I struggled with body issues a LOT. I always thought I was fat and was constantly dieting. I would go to the gym twice a day.. I would do intermittent fasting, I would sometimes chew my food then spit it out, I took laxatives to get rid of food from my body. I did so many crazy things with food just to lose weight. BUT even if I tried my hardest, I could never go without food for 14 hours for 30 days, like what we do in Ramadan.

Even though my weight was the biggest focus in my life at numerous points in my life. I could not do what all Muslims do every Ramadan. Why is it that I could never fast at that point in my life but I can fast now?

I think its all about intention. When you're intention is to do something for Allah, its like you have this super power where you can suddenly do things you never thought possible. If you do things for ego or vanity then it never ends up working out. No matter how hard you try.

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Salam Aisha,
Al Humdolia you are a Muslim.
It was lovely reading your blog and as for it first Ramadan I remember just looking at the time constantly plus I didn’t know a lot about Islam.
What amazes me is that when you don’t eat on a normal day you get light headed and dizzy yet when you fast you don’t have any of these feelings Mashala what a miracle is that .
Only wonderful blessings come in Ramadan.
I’m sorry to hear about your Grandmother but I truly believe Allah SWT doesn’t let anyone suffer more than they can.
Please keep on blogging .
In Sha Allah all our fasting , Amal’s & prayers are accepted 🤲🏻🤲🏻


Yes sister, our power are very limited, but God power are not.

Once we did for Him, He provide you the power.

Likewise guidance, sweetness of imaan(faith), patience, etc, all these are bestowed by Him, not on our own.

Now you experienced it right sister, maasyaa ALLAH, subhanALLAAH…

Sadly, these is what the non-believer don’t realise sister, they are in the state of darkness(Ignorance)

Alright sister, I want to share with you 2 true stories:


Once, the companions were mentioning someone they impressed to Prophet Muhammad pbuh, for his piety, that he devoted his time praying.

The prophet then asked, who supports his necessities daily needs, they reply, they did.

He said, “You are better than him”.


I read in the article recent years, a woman who was in medical sector was about to retire.

She had accumulated enough savings in her lifetime to reap her effort, i.e, go for vacations, do business, etc., but she was not certain what to do best.

When she made her pilgrimage to Mecca, she said to God that she wants to be a good servant to Him, she asked God to show her the best choice that will please Him. She got a couple of choices.

Finally, God inspired her to be a nurse, not as an employee, but she established her own centres, serving her community.


1. Doing prayer in worship houses full time (Mosque/Church/Temple/Others) is good, but it’s an ‘easy’ job.

It’s as though a sanctuary from the storm of life.

In our belief, those who left their family to do full time devoted in worship houses, without supporting his family (parents/wife/kids) is an act of irresponsibility, and are totally wrong. This happens due to lack of knowledge/understanding (Ignorance).

2. Shows that serving human needs (money/food/medical/etc) sincerely for the cause of the Creator (not for fame/popular/money/etc) is the most pleases God.

“The most beloved people to God are those who are most beneficial to people. " – Meaning of the saying of your last Prophet to mankind.


Face life head-on. Ride the storm. Bite the bullet. Contribute your earnings, to your family FIRST. Do charity Do not say, “Why me?” But, “Thanks, it’s me”, because with patience, the reward is Heaven.

✔️No millionaires nor billionaires or their wealth combined could buy heaven, but the patience in you, riding the storm of life sincerely will lead you to heaven, provided you are a Believer.

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Ok sister, l love you so much for Allah sake.

See you in Heaven sister, God willing!


Assalaam Alaikum sister,

So happy to read your story and how you spent your first ramadan, and about your shahada,

Welcome to our beautiful religion Islam, which is THE only way of life,

May Allah bless us and improve our eeman, and keep us steadfast in our religion.

Love you sister for the sake of Allah!
Love from your sister in the Maldives..

Fee amaanillaah

Naeema Mohamed

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