I have been running a free quran service for non-muslims for a couple of years and everything has been going really well up until recently.

Firstly please note that this service is for non-muslims ONLY. The dawah association that I have partnered with for this service only has a limited supply therefore can only send out to non-muslim names. 

So if you order under the name ‘muhammad’, though you may be sending it to a friend and have the best intentions, this company will not send you a copy of the quran. They will send you a pdf. The hardcopies ONLY go to people who are non-muslim. 

So if you have ordered a free quran and you are muslim, i’m so sorry but we can’t send you one. I WISH WE COULD!!!!!! 

Recently we have had to close the service down because we had a bot attack with over 10,000 orders! We soon realised that it was bots ordering and have had to close down the service until we can figure out a solution. 

If you are a non-muslim that has ordered a free quran and you order has been lost amongst the bot attack, i’m so sorry please order again when we have figured out a solution. 

If you are a muslim that has ordered then i’m so sorry that we were unable to send you one.

If you have ordered a hijab that hasn’t shown up and you are trying to get in contact with me, my inbox on the shopify store is currently SWAMPED with bot messages every minute so i’m unable to see any of them. Please message me on insta and i’ll sort you out.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. 



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