About Us

All About Rosalie Hijabs


Our motto is 'Kindness over profits'.


We are a small family run business in the UK but we ship all over the world!


Our Hijabs are made with love in Pakistan. We are committed to making sure that no one suffers at the expense of our business so we are committed to making sure that everyone is treated fairly and kindly in every step in the chain.


We care a lot about doing our best to help our Brothers and Sisters all over the world so that's why we donate 25% of our profits to charity projects that we are working on.


If you don't like your hijab or have any issues with it you can return it and we will refund you as soon as possible! Don't hesitate to contact us.


I (Aisha Rosalie) started the company with this special type of hijab because it was the hijab that I was wearing when I first discovered Islam in Turkey 2020. The lady who sold me the hijab gave it to me as it was easy to wear & comfortable for a new Muslim. I fell in love with the Hijab and tried to buy more when I came back to the UK but no one sold it. No one had even seen my Hijab before.

I eventually went back to Turkey after several months thinking I would find the Hijab there. I found similar styles but not the same as my one. All I wanted was another one of my favourite Hijab but I couldn't get it anywhere. After a lot of effort I paid some people in Pakistan to try and recreate my Hijab and after lots of failed attempts we finally recreated a Rose Petal Hijab! I was so happy and that's when I decided to start this company.


Family is very important to us that's what we all work together in every part of the chain to make the hijabs as great as possible.


The company is made up of me (Aisha Rosalie) my husband (Sultan Akhtar), My Mum, my husband's mum and my husbands family in Pakistan.