Charity Projects

Helping Orphans in Gaza (STILL ACCEPTING DONATIONS!)

British reverts Nailah and Aisha have accepted the challenge to trek Snowden and raise money for orphans and widows in the besieged Gaza Strip. Orphans and widows are some of the most vulnerable people in society.  Under Israeli occupation with entire families being martyred, leaving only young children behind, they need our support. 


All the funds are towards Gaza emergency and funds will be going towards the following:

£150 will give emergency food parcels to 3 families. Each parcel provides a displaced family with enough food to get through these difficult days.


£360 will sponsor an orphan for an entire year. Give an orphan the chance of a better future by providing education, food and access to better healthcare. 


£500 will provide safe drinking water for 6 families. 97% of water is unfit for human consumption in Palestine. Give clean and safe drinking water to underprivileged families. 


£1000 will deliver life-saving medication. Hospitals are seeing an increase in patients as a result of the recent attacks. Give medication and help save lives. 


Help us reach our goal of £10,000 to give the much needed food, education and health care to those who need it the most.!/


Helping Palestinians in Jerusalem. (DONATIONS NO LONGER ACCEPTED)

Because of the situation in Palestine this family (and many others) are struggling to survive. 

I want to raise money to help them as they are very behind on their rent and fear eviction. The father of the family has lost his job in Gaza because of all the bombings.

The mother of this family needs money for medical use and the children of the family dream of going to school.

Here is a link to the campaign: (DONATIONS NO LONGER ACCEPTED)



Helping Uyghur Muslims in Pakistan. (DONATIONS NO LONGER ACCEPTED)

Whilst we were in Pakistan, we met a large community of Uyghur families living in Pakistan under harsh conditions. 

They were still being controlled by the CCP even though they escaped China. They have no documents or chance to work and most of the men from these families have been missing for over a year. 

They are living in extreme poverty and fear eviction every day.

Here is a link to the campaign (DONATIONS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED)



Helping refugees from Afghanistan in Greece. (DONATIONS NO LONGER ACCEPTED)

We decided to do this project whilst we were in Athens, Greece.

We met this family of refugees who were living in horrific conditions inside their camp. A camp that they had been in for 2 years. Displaced and living in a tent on one meal a day, with no opportunity for work, no chance of getting a passport. They were completely stuck. There had no coats and were freezing at night. They were looking after children who's parents had died or gone missing in Afghanistan. 

They were facing a lot of problems! So we raised money to help them get their passports so they can inshAllah escape the camps and start living their lives again. 

Here is a link to the campaign (DONATIONS ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED)